Consumers want to speak with you.

Cottonwood Creative can help you establish digital marketing campaigns that encourage two-way dialogue between you and your customers through simplified messaging, interactive content, and approachable writing.

Simplified messaging
Interactive Content
Approachable Writing

Our Approach

Let's create client relationships instead of consumers.

We help companies communicate to their audience through simplified and approachable messaging campaigns.


Simplified Messaging

What message are you really trying to share with the world?

Cottonwood Creative will work with you to put together a clear, concise messaging strategy that cuts to the chase.


Interactive Content

Stand out among your competition by inviting your prospective clients into regular, authentic two-way dialogue.

Use their feedback to fashion future strategies.


Interactive Content

Stand out among your competition by inviting your prospective clients into regular, authentic two-way dialogue.

Use their feedback to fashion future strategies.


Approachable Writing

Clients want to see behind the scenes! Who are you? What motivates you? Why should they choose your company over others?

Using approachable, clear writing, we will grow your business one client relationship at a time.


From content development to social media management, Cottonwood Creative is here to help.

Content Development

From websites to social media platforms, Cottonwood Creative will work with you to understand your audience and business goals in order to provide you with compelling content using your unique voice.

Brand Management

Consumers follow brands they find relatable, and that relationship begins with trust. Cottonwood Creative is here to provide support for your brand's messaging using your company's unique voice and tone.

Email Marketing

Get your company's message in front of the right audience with strategic email campaigns powered by automated marketing tools. Create multiple marketing funnels to build your following faster.

Marketing Strategy

Begin with the end in mind by partnering with Cottonwood Creative. We will propose a common sense path forward that fits into your budget by reviewing your products/services, target markets, and brand.

Diversity & Inclusion

How you communicate with your audience speaks volumes about your brand. Building an inclusive and accessible brand identity is not only a smart business decision, it is also the right thing to do.


I absolutely did not pay these people to say these things.
Parker is in the details from the beginning to the end of every project he works on. He has a vision for not only branding, but also community. Parker is great to work with.

Brittany Mangelson (she/her)

Social Media Specialist | Community of Christ

Parker gets an idea in his head and figures out the best way to do it. He is always finding the next thing that will work best for each project. It is a joy to work with him.

Sam Bahr (she/her)

Technology Coordinator | Community Space

Parker is efficient and professional. He takes the time to understand your business and immediately builds brand trust.

Vaughn (he/him) & Tracey Johnson (she/her)

Owners | Vaughn's Cabinets, Inc.

Parker creates high-quality, data-driven content that is as on-trend as it is impactful.

He understands how to leverage marketing tools to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients, and he recognizes how to streamline and scale marketing campaigns that drive growth and engagement

Becca Loving (she/her)

Multimedia Specialist | Community of Christ

Parker's ability to creatively and professionally take on a variety of projects and challenges has been a huge win for our organization. He is adept at navigating difficult situations with poise and diplomacy.

Jenn Killpack (she/her)

Director of Communications | Community of Christ

Parker doesn't take clients, he takes on causes. Your passions become his focus.

Each cause is given his full attention in order that your business can build brand trust and increase conversions.

Linda Stanbridge (she/her)

Board Member | Harmony

Parker joined our communications and technology team in the immediate wake of the shutdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. His expertise and professionalism enabled our “Beyond the Walls” program to not merely react to the crisis, but to achieve substantial growth in both viewership and donations. Parker oversaw social media interaction that was pivotal in building our community. As a result of his efforts, we have been able to operationalize new systems, which are now established on a sustainable footing as we look forward to emerging from the pandemic.

John Hamer (he/him)

Pastor | Beyond the Walls


Cottonwood Creative is a boutique operation with 10 legs.

Amelia (she/her)

Chief Operating Officer

Prefers snuggles


Parker Johnson (he/him)


(403) 589-5383


Walter (he/him)

Chief Compliance Officer

Prefers face-to-face



We have put together bundles for our most popular services, but you can also request a custom estimate.

Marketing Strategy Design



Comprehensive Marketing Review

Detailed Strategy Presentation

Strategic Marketing Plan Proposal

Social Media Management



Ongoing Social Media Support

Monthly Metrics Reports

Content Development/Calendaring

Special Projects



Just think of me as your

in-house marketing and

communications team.

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Cottonwood Consulting offers cross-border services to American and Canadian businesses of all sizes.

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